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Online Market Research

When you partner with us, consider us as your remote team members rather than being just another external outsourced agency.

What we do?

We make use of a variety of internet tools to conduct a comprehensive online research, tailored specifically to your business needs. Types of online research we can conduct are:

Exploratory Research

Descriptive Research

Causal Research

Predictive Research

How do we work?

We implement a 5 step process as outlined below to provide a diligent and transparent support to all our clients.

Magic happens when two partners tirelessly work towards achieving a common aim. We strive hard to make this magic happen through our CRESA approach.

  1. Client Creates a task brief and hands it over to their remote team at Adminence.

  2. Adminence team Reviews the task brief, asks questions to further understand the task (if required).

  3. Adminence team Executes a sample work as per the brief before moving on to finishing the rest of the task.

  4. Adminence team Submits the completed work for the client to review.

  5. Client reviews and Approves the submitted work. Notifies the team for changes (if any) and proceeds to payment as per terms agreed.

We are happy to provide you a FREE 10 hour sample work to better understand how we operate.


Create & Handover.png

Create & Handover

New Task

Approve & Pay.png

Approve & Pay


Review & Clarify




What makes us click?

We possess the necessary skills for an array of tools and platforms available out there to efficiently carry out our management and support services.

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